Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wk 23 - School Spirit!

Well, me and Growley went back to school this week. And that would have been fine, except our Bite Club members really screwed us. They told me they talked to the principle and came to "an agreement" (you know <wink><wink>) about me and Growley being allowed back to school.

So it turns out "an agreement" doesn't mean they ruffed the Pricipal up some. Those boneheads actually made a deal with the man for us to come back to school. And now that stupid phony principal is making us be mascots for the school's sporting events. REALLY - How lame is that! Growley gets to be a wolf - which isn't all that bad. Not me! The best they come up for me is a beaver. He said my teeth would fit in perfect. If I ever develop real vampire skills, that man is the first person I'm going to visit!!

I saw the love of my life,Veronica, in the hall for the first time in a month; she seems to be over the whole blood-spilling incident, although for some reason she has developed a strange twitch and is kind of jumpy. I bet some loser jerk is giving her a hard time. I better stay extra close to her to make sure she's OK.

"Life Sucks"  -  especially as a beaver!
- Anton

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