Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wk 18 - The Ultimate Prank

I don't know why I'm updating this stupid blog, but I have nothing else to do since I was suspended from school. That's right, those freekin' phonies suspended me! Hopefully your year is starting out better than mine.

And things were really starting to turn around for me, too. Growley finally admitted he was a werewolf, SPAM came back without a nose (still laughing about that one), and I got picked to play Romeo in the school play with Veronica. She was really warming up to me.

By the night of the play, I was even more nervous than the time Garth intentionally staked me with a wooden kitchen spoon (there's a story I'll have to tell you about some time), but I managed to get dressed and make it to school. Once I was there, Veronica pulled me aside to give me a special pep talk which made me feel a whole lot better. She is so awesome!

A little into the play, she was doing that famous scene were she calls my name out (well, Romeo's name). The only thought in my mind was, 'At last, I am going to be able to kiss my sweet Veronica'.  In fact, I completely zoned out the auditorium full of people by that point. And why not - I figured me and Veronica would be so good in the scene together that the audience would have to give us a (what do they call it) 'Standing Ovulation' and then, finally, she would see that we were meant for each other ... just like our characters.

Of course, that dumb, stupid, idiotic, jerk of a friend of mine, decided it was time for his master prank. I was still back stage just waiting for my big entrance when I saw Growley above me in the rafters with a huge dopey grin on that hairy freekin' face of his ... and I knew he was up to something bad! I didn't have a choice; I had to run up there to stop him.

Well, from running all the way up there, I was pretty much out of breath. Plus, I'm not really too good with heights ... and trust me - it was wicked high up there. My legs were shaking real bad as I ran over to Growley, and that's when I tripped and hit the bucket.

First, let me explain how wolf-boy came up with this insane idea. One day, a couple of weeks ago, I showed up at his house while he was watching this stone-age movie from the 80's that was about a girl with something called ESP (which I'm guessing stands for 'Extra Stupid Person'). The movie is called 'Carrie', and at the end of it, these phony morons in the movie play a terrible prank on her. Check out this scene from Carrie (which was Growley's grand inspiration) and you'll see what I'm talking about. Warning - if your young, do not watch, because it will definitely freak you out!

The prank was obviously a complete disaster, which is why Growley should have thought twice about his scheme ... but, of course, that brings me back to my story.

So there I was, running on the plank which was probably like a thousand feet high, when I tripped and fell into a bucket that was hanging over the stage with ... you guessed it ... pig's blood. (btw - I have to remember to ask Growley where he got it because it tasted pretty darn good.) Of course, he was waiting to dump the blood on me, but it ended up all over poor, sweet Veronica instead.

All the kids in the audience just pointed and laughed because they thought it was part of the show, but the adults got really freaked out and ran out the doors (probably because they saw 'Carrie' and knew how it ended). Believe me, I was booking out of there too. When Veronica looked up at me, I thought for certain I was going to burst into flames or something at any moment. IT WAS NOT A GOOD SCENE!! And to make things worse, Bruno (you know - the stupid little Vampire dude in my grade that looks like he's about five) got all worked up from the smell of fresh pig's blood and attacked Veronica.

Now me and Growley are just kind of hanging out at home until the school decides a proper punishment for us. Oh well ... at least Growley finally admitted that we're even now.

Happy Freekin' New Year ...

"Life REALLY Sucks!"
- Anton

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  1. "dude you so owe me 40 bucks for that blood!" lol
    y'now in romeo and juliet, juliet drinks a potion that puts her to sleep for 18 hours(i think) and romeo thought she was dead so he drank potion and killed himself, juliet found out and she stabbed herself in the chest, this Shakespeare guy was insane

    ryan "the flying fish master" mathews

  2. I know, it's a crazy story for sure! You'd think Romeo would have checked for a pulse or something first.

  3. Everyone always dies in Shakespeare's plays... I guess this play turned out to be a tragedy too. In it's own way of course. :)

  4. Hold on - are you saying I made the play even better with a new Shakespeare ending?

    AWESOME!! Maybe Veronica will see it that way also!

  5. I know! What idiot would'nt even check her pulse! luv this stuff
    ( ')>